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Each project cared for by JSA is serviced by two principals.  John Sharratt has full and personal involvement in all programming and design phases through completion.  His involvement is intense during the early stages, then lightens but is still present through construction.  Katherine Wright participates in the early design process and becomes fully involved in the construction document and construction phases.  A project manager selected for the specific type of project or service is assigned at the initiation of the project, managing its life at  JSA through construction.  This manager has the authority and responsibility to add or subtract personnel from the project team; and most of all to achieve the best possible results within the specified schedule and budget.  This high degree of principal involvement is partially due to the moderate size of  JSA, but it is mostly due to pride in our work and concern for clients and their projects.



While we have not become slaves to our computers, and still find loose and fluid pencil sketching essential to the development of concepts, we do find our AutoCad workstations of enormous benefit to us during the design and production process.



Efficient scheduling and on time completion are respected as critical elements in the performance of our services.  Each project has its own restraints and demands which are carefully evaluated to provide clients with realistic schedules based upon their specific programs.  Every effort is made to identify, in advance, critical issues such as permits; weather conditions; construction cycle; and third party participation; so that the entire project team, working together, will meet the schedule.



A project budget is taken very seriously and will be met.  In establishing the budget, frank discussions must take place early in the process regarding feasibility, quality, and alternative solutions.  As the project proceeds, definitive cost estimating will be performed with formal updates of cost figures provided at the end of each stage of work.



Our services may be contracted under several different financial arrangements, depending upon client preference and the type of service to be provided.

*   Percentage of Construction Cost is the standard method of compensation for building design when the scope of services, or size of the project, are not clearly defined at the onset.  The percentage varies according to the size and complexity of the project.  This method provides a cap on the cost of services as determined by the approved construction budget.

*   Fixed Fee is the arrangement made for most services which can be clearly defined at the inception of the project.  This method provides a clear cap on costs of services.

*   Time and materials is the arrangement under which the client is billed for the actual time spent and the level of the personnel involved with the project.  This method is most appropriate for small projects or for services that are expected to change in scope.  When this method of compensation is selected, budgeting and monitoring of costs are essential and will be provided throughout the life of the project.















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